Training on the Cheap – Cost Effective Training Ideas

Ammunition gets expensive. Especially when you blow through hundreds of a rounds in a single day.

The Diamondback Training Team cadre of instructors often times like to stay and train after whatever class we just taught was departed. This is every Saturday, and several weekday courses as well. The good news is, we get a lot of opportunity to train. The downside is, we can seriously deplete our ammunition inventory in a quick fast hurry. As instructors, we kind of chuckle at the shooters who complain about shooting 300 rounds of ammo in an eight hour course, because it “goes so fast.” Really. We can burn up 300 rounds of ammo in about 30 minutes – IF – we didn’t ration out our ammo and our time. It’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality and making your time, and shots, count.

However, before I get into cost-effective ways to maximize your ammo inventories and range time, I want to start off by saying I am not a big fan of just making noise. By that, I mean I intentionally avoid going out to the range just to burn up ammo. I hate it, actually. Ammo isn’t cheap, and time wasted cannot be recovered. I don’t care to waste either. Also, shooting just to make noise is counterproductive, as it’s far too easy to begin eroding fundamental skills. Train like you mean it, and mean it when you train.

Lately, when my instructor cadre is training at the end of the day, I’ve begun using just a single box of 50 rounds of ammo. Then, with that single box of ammo, I set out to stretch that box of ammo over an entire training session. Generally, I’ll have two or three techniques I plan to train. I may be working reload drills, so magazines have only a few rounds in each. Then, with a minimal amount of banging, I’m focusing on honing my reloading skill set. I may be working malfunction clearance drills, or off hand drills, or failure to stop drills, or designated head shot/hostage taker drills, or just smoothing out my concealed carry draw. The point is, with a clear game plan and a dose of self-control, I can get in plenty of highly beneficial and effective training without burning through hundreds and hundreds of rounds of ammo.

I also like to mix in dry practice training to reduce or eliminate range and ammo expense. I tell my students all the time to commit to dry practice training. Drawing from concealment, in dry practice, is an outstanding and inexpensive way to develop that skill set. Malfunction clearances and reload drills are also easily performed with ZERO round count and $0.00 invested on the range. It takes only the commitment of time and dedication.

So the next time you’re thinking of how to make your training budget stretch as far as possible, consider some highly effective “training on the cheap” alternatives.

And remember, practice does not make perfect. It makes permanent. If you practice crap, you will become a crap master. Perfect practice makes perfect. Train, even on the cheap, perfectly. And accept nothing less from yourself. You and you alone are responsible for your own defensive handgun skill set.

Contact me with any questions or training on the cheap ideas at

Stay safe, and stay trained.

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Sydney Peters

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Hi guys, The first thing I would like to say is that I am only a customer of Diamondback Shooting Sports just a customer. That was until I started buying from the Team at Diamondback. First, they are Friendly, knowledgeable and take the time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Chuck, Roman, and the owner Doug are just some of the folks that are there to make you purchase right for you. Being myself in retail for over 45 years until I retired I know what it means to give the best service to all of your customers and Diamondback is at the top of their game. Whatever you may need you can count on Diamondback's team to see that you get it right. I have shopped many gun stores in Tucson and other places over the years and all I can say is Diamondback is far above the rest. That is in the way you are treated when you come through their door or call them on the [phone for help or advice. They are there to help. Whether you buy online or in the store you get the best service with honest prices. Diamondback is my go-to👌👌 place for all my shooting needs. Again I am just a very happy customer.🗽🗽

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Tom Crumpacker

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I recently bought a suppressor through Diamondback and they were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. I spoke with Doug mostly and he was more than happy to answer all of my questions. If you are need anything firearms related (including a suppressor) I really recommend Diamondback. I have bought other stuff from them in the past and its always a good experience.

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David Aguila

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If you are new to guns or even have some questions about anything related to the topic this is your place. The staff here are more then kind they make you feel like you are at home and are always more then happy to help you out. Picked up my rifle the other day and needed some help with a few attachments and they helped me put it on right there in the store same day and for no charge. I also came in earlier today with a few questions about my rifle and same thing no charge they took care of me right away and told me how to use certain things and what is best for cleaning. Thank you so much Travis for helping me out and I look forward to shopping with you guys more in the future!!

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