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Diamondback Shooting Sports in Tucson, AZ is proud to provide quality, professional firearms and self-defense instruction to law enforcement and military personnel, and private citizens from all walks of life.

With a highly experienced and qualified instructor staff, Diamondback Shooting Sports Training Division offers a full spectrum of training courses, so we’re confident we will have a course for any skill level – from the first-time gun owner to the experienced professional.

From Arizona Concealed Carry Permit courses, to Intro to Handgun or Carbine courses, to the dynamic Defensive and Tactical Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun courses, Diamondback’s Training Division strives to continually offer a full selection of courses for all skill levels, and needs. Instructing on practical, contemporary weapons systems, Diamondback courses are cost-effective, information-filled, hands-on courses offered locally in Tucson, and generally one-day in length.

Our training goal is simple: we strive to make ourselves, our families and our communities safer through professional, affordable and attainable training and education. The motto for Diamondback’s Training Division is: “Stay safe, and stay trained.”

Diamondback Shooting Sports
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4.4 out of 5 stars

Zachary Bartfai
Zachary Bartfai

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I’m a regular customer here, I am always confident in the work I have had Nick, David or many of the other employees do for me with my firearms. Prices are reasonable, and questions always get awnsered. Thanks

Frank Burke
Frank Burke

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I'd like to share something with all my fellow deplorables, male and female. I hadn't personally owned a firearm for about 11 years. I grew up around guns, owned a few up and into my early forties, got married, had kids, guns became irrelevant. My kids have all grown now and the interest in firearms quickly entered my life again.
I did some research, lots of research, and decided I wanted to purchase a S&W 9mm M&P Shield. I was interested in conceal carry, locked and loaded. I bought one for a really nice price online, and watched everyday, so excited, the tracking information as it came from Palmetto State Armory to Tucson. I used Diamondback Shooting Sports for an FFL. I could see online the date and time my property was recieved at the Diamondbacks store. I called that day and said I would like to come and pick it up. I was told there was a procedure and it would not be available for pickup until the said procedure took place.
To make a long story short, I finally was able to pick up my new fire arm 3 days later. I paid their $45.00 FFL fee and left as an unhappy customer. I just felt like, if I were the owner of this company, I'd demand, when this company recieves someone elses property, it should be made an absolute priority that that customer is contacted immidiately and the transfer would be made asap. Instead, I really felt like it wasn't necessarily a priority for them, it was like they get truckloads of these eveyday and they get to them as they can...lol As if all their employees are so busy all day long, and they get so many on a daily basis, IT TAKES TIME.
With that said, I am not here necessarily to put a big dig on Diamondbacks. I've been in their store a couple times sense. They have a young man, stocky build with a beard who goes out of his way to accommodate customers. There is also a young man, clean cut. I think he is former military. Very helpful and accommodating.
I'm here to let everyone know about a little gem of a gun store I found in Vail, AZ. Trail Boss Outfitters. I've sense built an AR-15 and had my lower sent to them as an FFL. The young lady there called me within a couple hours of their receipt of my property. Pleasant to let me know that it was ready for pick up.
Sense then, my wife and I both have become CCW certified, and after firing my Shield, my wife ordered a S&W 380 EZ Shield and we had it delivered to the Trail Boss Outfitters. Guess what? We were contacted within a couple hours of their receiving our property as ready for pickup. Trail Boss Outfitters FFL fee is $25.00 and you are not treated as just a other transfer. They have not only earned our business from Diamondbacks, I'm happy to pay a little more in their store for our fire arm needs, because I truly feel that Trail Boss Outfitters goes above and beyond in appreciation for our business.
Thank you Diamondbacks for responding to my review. I like the idea that you research every single claim that is made for or against you. I searched my cell phone records and my bank records, you are right about it only taking 2 days and not 3. You are also correct about it being a $40.00 FFL fee and not $45.00. I give those facts to you and apologize for my inaccuracy. However, in your attempt to disregard my review with facts, you acknowledged recieving my property at approx. 3:00 in the afternoon on April 12, 2018. No one from your store called me. There are approx 4 business hours left in the day and no one called me. When I called your store I was put OFF. The entire point of my review still stands.
I did inform your company ahead of time, to bring to your attention that I was having a firearm sent to you. It wasn't done by a phone call. It was done by my standing in your store and talking directly to the tall bug eyed guy that constantly cocks guns and pulls the triggers. I wasn't offered any discount, and I was standing right in your store announcing that my firearm is coming to you. He response was, "Ya, that how it is when it come to the Shields." PIECE OUT!

sean peron
sean peron

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

When I went into Diamondback I was on my toes..... ready for someone to make me feel stupid because this would be my first fire arm purchase. I had an idea of what I wanted. As I entered in Branden greeted me. Looking like a welcoming person I began to tell him my wants and needs. Mind you I’d have been on the fence on getting the Xdm or a Glock. He showed me options on getting the Xdm but started to tell me attributes on the Glock. With the stitching on his shirt saying Glock I was kinda hesitant to hear what he had to say but I decided to listen. After about 45 minutes of him telling me the perks of owning a Glock as apposed to the Xdm I started to buy into the Glock. Weather this is a thing to push Glock or not Branden made me feel comfortable with my purchase. I ended up getting the Glock 19X military grade. I haven’t shot it yet but I’m excited to do so. I will be back for another purchase soon because I need a 12 gauge shotgun next. Thank you Diamondback.

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