Firearm Transfer Form

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Firearm Transfer Form

  • All Weapons Transfers MUST come from or be sent to a FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE DEALER. Diamondback Shooting Sports will gladly assist customers in transferring firearms between Licensed Dealers, NOT unlicensed companies or individuals.
  • The Transfer In Fee is $25.00 per firearm (NFA items are $100.00 per item transferred). The Transfer Out Fee is $50.00 per firearm.
  • DO NOT transfer a firearm without notifying Diamondback Shooting Sports prior to the transfer taking place. Failure to do so will result in an additional $10.00 fee per transferred item.
  • Diamondback Shooting Sports MUST have a copy of the FFL holder’s license on file prior to the transfer taking place. If we DO NOT have a copy on file, a copy may be faxed to (520) 300-7022, or emailed to compliance@dbackshootingsports.com. This copy or an attachment must include the FFL holder’s contact name, phone number, and email address. Your name, phone number, make, AND model of the gun(s) MUST be included in any correspondence that you send.
  • Our receipt of your transfer does NOT mean the transfer is ready for pickup. You will be notified once your transfer has been properly logged into our system. We will make every effort to have your transfer ready for pickup within 1 business day after receipt.
  • All Customers must complete Federal Form 4473 and be a Citizen of the United States or Permanent Resident in order to take possession of any firearm(s) transferred through Diamondback Shooting Sports. If a customer is unable to receive the firearm(s) for any reason, including but not limited to, being denied by NICS you are still responsible for all transfer fees and all expenses to ship the firearm(s) back to the original FFL holder.
  • Diamondback Shooting Sports is not responsible for the condition of a transferred firearm. Any warranties are solely between the purchaser and seller. Diamondback Shooting Sports reserves the right to cancel any transaction, at any time, for any reason.
  • Outgoing transfers are done in store, shipping fees will be charged in addition to the standard transfer fee on all outgoing transfers. The shipping fee for handguns is $22.00 per gun. Fees for long guns are determined by weight and destination and will be calculated by Diamondback Shooting Sports for your convenience.

*Proper identification = ‘Arizona Identification with a current address’


Description of Firearm Being Transferred
Firearm is Coming From / Going to
Firearm Is For

FFL Sent (Date):__________________
via FAX_____ MAIL_____ or EMAIL ______ (Check one)
Transfer Fee Due: $_______________
Any Additional Fees Due: $_________________
Outgoing Freight Charges: $_______________
TOTAL FEES PAID: $____________________
Date Paid:____________________

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Firearm Transfers
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