Tucson Gunsmithing Services

Gunsmith Services in Tucson

In addition to our factory-trained and certified armorers, we now have multiple full-time gunsmiths on staff able to provide most, if not all, of your gunsmithing needs. Diamondback Shooting Sports’ gunsmiths have full machining capability. Our gunsmiths also have on-site welding capabilities. All work is done in house.

Some of the services offered include: AR15/AR10 Upper Receiver Builds, Cut & Polish M4 Feed Ramps, Cut and Thread Barrels, Firearms Refinishing including Cerakote, Trigger Jobs, Detail Strip & Cleaning of Handguns and Rifles, and so very much more.

Please bring your firearm into the store and speak with one of our professional gunsmiths. We have full-time gunsmiths on staff ready to take care of all your gunsmithing needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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